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(This photo was taken by K.Terakado at the Ashikaga Flower Park on December 19.)
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

We have received a letter of thanks from Thailand. Mihoko Takeuchi, an admirable member of our club guided them lately in Nikko.
Dear Takeushi-san,.

After we have safely arrived in Thailand, we would like to sincerely thank you again for taking us through the historical route in Nikko. It was a tremendous pleasure to have you chaperoning us albeit for a short period of time. The trip to Nikko would not have been this impressive if there had not been you to patiently and avidly edify us about the myriad details of each historical site, nor would it have been such a smooth and pleasurable trip due to the language barrier.

We love the way you share with us about the beautiful background of Nikko. Your love for the town was so palpable and you have made us all mesmerized by the beauty of Nikko the same way you are. We have utterly enjoyed the tranquil nature, fresh air, and architecture. After our visit, we realized how undeniably true the quote “Nikko is Nippon” is. The root of unique Japanese arts and culture can really be found here. Thus, it would have been our disappointment if we had not acquired such a fortunate opportunity to visit Nikko.

Among all the places we have been, Nikko was our favourite and Nikko has made our trip to Japan so worthwhile and memorable that we would like to thank you again for showing the oriental, suburban side of Japan. It was really an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, we would be more than welcome to host you and bring you around whenever you want to visit Thailand. So we hope to see you again. Do take care.

With love,
Aree and Leungsuwan family

Aree L.
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